TauREx Guide

TauREx (Tau Retrieval for Exoplanets) is a fully bayesian inverse atmospheric retrieval framework. TauREx is a very extensive retrieval framework with a wide range of functionalities. Here are installation instructions and worked examples whilst we write a more exhaustive manual. Already existing documentation can be found in the Documentation folder.

For any questions on how to run the code, features and bugs, please email Ingo Waldmann (ingo@star.ucl.ac.uk).

If you follow the links on your left, you will get to the installation instructions and how to run the code. TauREx has many individual modes and is permanently evolving. We will not cover all of them here but only show the most standard routines. If you wish to use a specific feature not covered here or which us to implement that feature, please email us.

Code repository

TauREx is available on GitHub:


or via Dropbox:



Waldmann et al. (2015a), “Tau-REx I: A Next Generation Retrieval Code for Exoplanetary Atmospheres”, ApJ, 802, 107

Waldmann et al. (2015b), “Tau-REx II: Retrieval of Emission Spectra, ApJ, 813, 13

Active developers

  • Ingo Waldmann
  • Marco Rocchetto
  • Tiziano Zingales
  • Kai Hou Yip
  • Angelos Tsiaras


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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