TauREx Input Folder

The Input folder is not shipped with the GitHub repository but must be added manually. It can be obtained from here or here and has a permanent DOI: DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/HN8UK.

It contains absorption cross sections, correlated k-coefficients, stellar spectra (for emission models), rayleigh, cia and mie coefficients.


This is the default layout of the folder. All paths are specified in the parameter file, so the layout can vary.

├── xsec                          # folder containing absorption cross sections
|  ├── xsec_sampled_R10000_0.3-15 # Resolution R = 10k set
|  └── xsec_sampled_R15000_0.3-15 # Resolution R = 15k set
├── ktables                    # correlated k-coefficients
|  └── R100                    # R = 100 resolution set
├── star_spectra               # Phoenix stellar spectra
├── rayleigh                   # Rayleigh scattering coefficients
├── mie                        # Mie scattering coefficients
└── cia                        # Collision induced absorption coefficients
   ├── HITRAN                  # obtained from HITRAN
   └── Borysow                 # obtained from Borysow


Some parts of the folder are not very complete, e.g. the number of molecules available aas ktables or cross-sections falls woefully short of what HITRAN and ExoMol have to offer. As part of this project, we are generating new cross sections and aiming for a complete set with ExoMol. If however you require cross sections immediately, please contact us (ingo@star.ucl.ac.uk) and let us know.