TauREx Plotting

If you run taurex.py with the --plot flag. It will generate a standard set of plots in your Output folder. These are:

File Description
nest_posterior.pdf The posterior distribution corner plot
nest_spectrum.pdf The input spectrum with the best fitting model
nest_spectrum_contrib_solX.pdf The best fit model’s individual opacity contributions
nest_tp_profile.pdf The temperature-pressure profile fitted (only generated automatically for emission)

Should taurex.py find multiple solutions to a spectrum (assuming [MultiNest] > multimodes = True), then these are automatically superimposed with different colours on the same plots.

Additional plots (e.g. vertical abundance profiles) can be generated by running the taurex_plots.py routine on the corresponding nest_out.pickle file. To generate all available plots:

python tools/taurex_plots.py --db_dir [PATH TO OUTPUT DIR] --plot_all

where --db_dir is the directory containing the nest_out.pickle file. For a full list of plotting options:

python tools/taurex_plots.py --help