TauREx Q and A

Here are collected some of the most frequently asked questions on the software.

  1. Q: What is the difference between default.par and our customised .par file?

    A: Please see session: https://exoai.github.io/software/taurex/paramterfile

  2. Q: I would like to examine the full result of my retrieval, where should I find it?

    A: Information regarding a retrieval could be found inside your output folder’s nest_out.pickle.

  3. Q: How do I know if multinest is working in TauREx?

    A: There are three things you could check.

    1. Examine the INFO coming out of the terminal when you run TauREx and look for the line: INFO - MultiNest library correctly loaded.

      This is to ensure Multinest Library is correctly installed on your machine.

    2. Set verbose = True in the .par file so that there will be output whilst multinest is running.
    3. Examine the files under \multinest folder. The size of the files, such as 1-.txt and 1-live.points should \ increase during the exeuction.