TauREx Tranmission Forward Model

To generate a transmission forward model, first make sure your parameter file is set to transmission

type = transmission

The forward model is then simply run with

python create_spectrum.py -p [PARAMETER FILE]

This will create an ascii file SPECTRUM_out.dat in the output path specified in your parameter file ([Output] > path).

If you would like to plot your spectrum, add the --plot flag. If you would like to save the .pickle instance SPECTRUM_INSTANCE_out.pickle containing all of the internal states (see here), then add the flag --save_instance.

python create_spectrum.py -p [PARAMETER FILE] --plot --save_instance

Documentation on additional flags can be found with

python create_spectrum.py --help

For C/O equilibrium chemistry models

TauREx uses the Atmospheric Chemical Equilibrium (ACE) model (Agundez et al. 2012, A&A, 548, A73) using the thermochemical data by Venot et al (2012, A&A,546,A43).

If you run the model for the first time, you may need to compile it first (see here)).

To run the C/O forward model, set the following parameters:

ace = true

ace_metallicity = 1  #metallicity. Change to whatever, 1 = 1x solar, 10 = 10x solar
ace_co = 0.54954     #C/O ratio

Below is an example:

python create_spectrum.py -p tests/test_0_transmission_ace/test_fm.par --plot