TauREx Emission Retrieval

The emission retrieval runs in the same way as transmission. There are some notable changes in the parameter file

We strongly suggest to use the tp_type = guillot profile based on

Line et al. 2012, ApJ, 749,93 (equation 19)
Guillot 2010, A&A, 520, A27 (equation 49)

Other profiles such as by Rodgers are also available:

Introduced in Rodgers (2000): Inverse Methods for Atmospheric Sounding (equation 3.26)

The corresponding changes to the parameter file are:

type = Emission


tp_type = guillot     #the standard temperature-pressure profile used

fit_temp = True       #you likely want to fit the temp-pressure profile

tp_guillot_T_surf_bounds = 1300, 2500
tp_guillot_kappa_ir_bounds = 1e-10, 1
tp_guillot_kappa_v1_bounds =  1e-10, 1
tp_guillot_kappa_v2_bounds =  1e-10, 1
tp_guillot_alpha_bounds = 0.5, 1.

run = True

#alternatively you can run PolyChord (if installed)
run = True

The /tests folder provides transmission and emission examples. To run the emission retrieval case:

python taurex.py -p tests/test_0_emission/test_retrieval.par --plot