ExoGAN retrieval

Running ExoGAN retrieval

After training ExoGAN it returns a detailed atmospheric analysis from an input spectrum. To run an ExoGAN retrieval, run the command:

python gan.py --predict --checkpointDir checkpoint_test --maskType parameters


--checkpointDir = the checkpoint directory from the previous training, the default is checkpoint_test;
--outDir = output directory, the default is exogan_output
--maskType = the type of mask for which ExoGAN applies the inpainting algorithm, the default is 'parameters'

There are more flags which are listed in the gan.py.

The ExoGAN analysis

ExoGAN’s analysis is located in the output directory specified with the --outDir flag, the default is exogan_output. Inside this directory it is possible to find:

  • Input spectrum converted into ASPA;
  • The masked input ASPA according to the mask choice;
  • completed folder. A set of reconstructed spectra every 100 iteration steps;
  • hats_imgs folder. The set of hats images every 100 iteration steps;
  • histogram folder. A view of the ExoGAN prediction every 100 iteration steps;
  • logs folder. Storage of zhats arrays.
  • predictions folder. Tables of retrieved parameters every 100 iteration steps;
  • spectra folder. Retrieved atospheric models every 100 iteration steps;